As we look forward to many public gathering events this spring and summer, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the current threat environment, and share with you a few new resources that we developed based on your feedback.

As requested by numerous businesses we have visited through the Red Teams, and with direct input from several CTZs, DHSES created a 20-minute terrorism training video for retail businesses. This video, just like retail loss prevention training, gives a basic understanding of what employees should look for if someone is trying to commit a crime using items that are readily available at retail establishments. This video is posted to the DHSES website at and can be shared using the attached flyer.

As a result of the multiple package explosions in Texas and suspicious packages sent to military facilities in March, the Office of Counter Terrorism created the attached “Suspicious Package/Letter Handling” poster. We encourage facilities to review and post this resource in any areas where mail and packages are received.

This training video and suspicious package poster join a series of other resources which are available to the public and various audiences to enhance awareness and encourage suspicious activity reporting. These materials are available on the DHSES website at and can also be ordered using the attached Safeguard Materials Order Form. If you are conducting any conferences, trainings, or other outreach please do not hesitate to share these materials with others.

To demonstrate the importance of suspicious activity reporting, I’ve attached a recent bulletin from the National SAR Initiative (NSI) that describes how a report of suspicious behavior by employees at a Wal-Mart in Ithaca led to the arrest of someone with bomb-making materials and automatic rifles that were obtained illegally (page 5).

I appreciate your continued partnership and efforts to enhance the safety of all New Yorkers. Please reach out to me or my staff if we can be of any assistance.


Lt. Col. Michael J. Cerretto
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